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BPIF inspires during National Apprenticeship Week

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The BPIF celebrated National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) slightly differently last week, virtually, but nevertheless it was more important than ever after this difficult year for many apprentices and employers. The organisation kicked off the week with an insightful morning conference on Tuesday 9 February 2021 bringing together employees and apprentices to share experiences and meet like minded individuals involved in apprenticeship schemes. It allowed for speed networking sessions, one to one private sessions and opportunities for the more than 70 attendees to interact with each other.

Karly Lattimore, BPIF managing director training, and Ian Wilton, BPIF president, kicked off the day, setting out the day’s intentions and this year’s NAW themes around ‘Build the Future’ and ‘Step up to the challenge’. Karly said that apprentices had shown great resilience in progressing through their apprenticeship during a global pandemic, and talked about how employers can look to build the future and support young people in our industry to create future leaders.

Ian Wilton joined to share his inspiring story as an ex-apprentice and his journey, commenting: ‘Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it you can achieve great things.’ And that he hoped the day would shine a light on the opportunities, amazing work and the journey that some people have been on during this time.

The morning was divided up as a dual conference. One session was aimed specifically at employers to understand more about how they can support and recruit an apprentice, and the other was to give current and potential apprentices the chance to understand more about the experiences with which other apprentices have been involved. Arun Madar, BPIF Business engagement manager held an insightful session and reminded that businesses, ‘Can employ people in apprenticeships from different levels, from school leavers, to graduates and to people that actually want to further their career’.

The day included how to get the most out of the apprenticeship levy, government’s plan for jobs initiative and an update on the BPIF’s School Engagement programme.

Wellbeing also had a strong focus offering ‘support for staff wellbeing’ with Sophie Kirby from The Printing Charity – including details on the charity’s helpline that has supported a huge amount of people during this pandemic

Charles Jarrold, BPIF CEO, closed the morning thanking everyone and reminding the audience of the support available and to reach out, ‘Our industry is full of really nice people, and I would encourage anyone, especially learners, if you have got a chance or want some help, just reach out to people and they will help you.’


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