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CCL introduces certified EcoFloat polyolefin sleeves for PP dairy cups

Packaging Solutions

PP cups are the packaging of choice when it comes to dairy packaging. CCL has launched the perfect product decoration match – a low density polyolefin sleeve that has an ideal performance when it comes to recycling.

‘Using a thin plastic sleeve label that is made from the same family as the cup increases the recycling rate. First of all, it is detected as the material it is on the sorting lines and can be successfully recycled afterwards. Most sleeves tend to be removed due to natural friction and de-sleeving during the recycling process but if it stays on it can also be efficiently recycled,’ said Norbert Fenkart, head of development at CCL Label’s Dairy Packaging Hub.

The cyclos-HTP institute conducted a test that showed that 92 to 100% of the sleeve could efficiently be recycled with the PP cup, depending on other factors like ink coverage. This earns the EcoFloat polyolefin material the classification ‘highly to fully recyclable’ according to the cyclos-HTP rating.

Also, the sleeve material is very thin which means that it is very resource efficient and creates less CO2 emissions during transport.

Paper banderoles have become increasingly popular in the last years because paper seems a natural sustainable choice to customers, but this makes the cups a multi-material composition: paper, plastic and the aluminium lid. These are not very often recycled as it is up to the consumer to separate


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