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Celebrating a decade of Bag-in-Box Packaging for Sandford Orchards Cider

Packaging Solutions

Sandford Orchards’ owner Barny Butterfield was no stranger to boxed cider packaging when he contacted Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple in 2010. It was in fact his own supplier at the time (and customer of Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple) who put him in touch as his requirement for Bag-in-Box packaging had gone from standard off the shelf to a more bespoke need.

By going direct, the company was able to source packaging that gave it the ability to truly shout about its Devon roots and products, helping raise brand awareness and appeal to larger companies. When it was listed in Wetherspoons the volumes increased and the company recognised just how much the new packaging had supported this, and the importance of good quality packaging to ensure that products are displayed well, arrive undamaged and taste just as fresh as they do when packaged.

Over the last 10 years, Sandford Orchards has been a direct customer of Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple and in this time the packaging has undergone various visual design changes and in more recent years has been altered to help save business costs and improve performance.

By altering the dimensions of the Bag-in-Box being used by Sandford Orchards, Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple is now able to get 57 boxes onto a pallet, which previously was 40 – a 40% increase in pallet load. This innovation, and collaborative working has helped reduce pallet requirements and save costs.

The box has also seen other innovations including:

  • Adding an ice box flap so the product (when situated on a bar) stays at the correct and optimum temperature all day with a couple of ice packs being added.

  • Changing the board grade to a Kraft liner, which gives a higher water resistance and enables the pack to stay rigid while it is being chilled.

  • Using gloss lamination helps the box maintain its shape and protect the artwork from transit damage.

‘In the 10 years of using Smurfit Kappa Barnstaple as my Bag-in-Box supplier I have developed a great working relationship with the team. They are always on hand to help with our next project and their expertise and knowledge is invaluable,’ said Barny Butterfield of Sandford Orchards.


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