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Color-Logic website compares printed designs with and without metallic embellishments

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A new section of the Color-Logic website uses several images and applications to illustrate the results of printing both with and without Color-Logic metallic embellishments. The feature – at – shows how an image changes when Color-Logic metallic embellishments are added. These effects may be attained using virtually any popular printing process.

Discussing the new feature, Mark Geeves, director of sales and marketing, said: ‘The sample files demonstrate the value of print embellishments created with just one additional colour on press. On conventional substrate, Color-Logic works with silver ink or toner and CMYK inks or toners. On metallic substrate, the process requires white ink or toner and CMYK inks or toners. The best way to visualise how Color-Logic affects design is to see the metallic image alongside its CMYK equivalent.’


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