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Comexi and Asahi to host ‘Effortless Platemaking’ event

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Asahi Photoproducts has announced it will be co-hosting an event for the flexible packaging industry with Comexi at the Comexi CTec customer conference centre in Girona, Spain.

The event, scheduled for 8 November 2023, will also feature technologies, presentations, and demonstrations from a variety of other partners including Esko, Hamillroad, tesa, hubergroup, FGS Flexographic Solutions and Oxea Chemicals. During the event, visitors will view real time plate creation for two different jobs using Asahi AWP water washable carbon neutral plates, as well as live printing of jobs on a Comexi F2 Origin flexographic press configured with hubergroup Propyl solvent inks in a seven colour expanded gamut configuration. The two jobs will be run back to back, demonstrating the ease of changing jobs with one printing sleeve change. Attendees are also invited to a dinner to be held the evening of 7 November and will also be able to take sample plates and printed output home with them.

‘We are excited to be co-hosting this important event with Comexi and our other partners,’ said Dieter Niederstadt, Asahi’s technical marketing manager. ‘This is a continuation of the work we have been doing over the past years with Comexi, and now it is the time to turn the key and show how easy it can be to make plates directly next to the printing press.

‘During this event, we will explain every step of the process so visitors can see how fast, easy and sustainable it is to produce flexo plates in-house while receiving repro data via the internet from repro house partners who can deliver file preparation for the highest possible quality outcome. We are looking forward to welcoming our guests at this important industry event.’

Registration for the event is open and the agenda can be viewed and downloaded. Secure your spot by registering here.


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