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Digital print technology for a circular economy

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Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe has published an environmental white paper to explore the role of print in a world of ‘net zero’ targets and increased environmental awareness

The EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan outlines a strategy to transform Europe’s economy into a sustainably driven, fully circular economy by 2050. This, along with pressure from increasingly environmentally conscious consumers, means that businesses and brand owners in Europe are being driven to improve environmental practices and reduce waste and carbon emissions. Inevitably, printed communications and marketing materials are scrutinised as part of this process. Fujifilm, in this new white paper, examines the ways in which brands can make much more sustainable decisions in sourcing printed materials, without missing out on all the unique benefits that print offers.

‘Brand owners understand the many benefits of print as a communications tool,’ explained Mark Stepheson, product manager, Digital Press Systems, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe. ‘They know it communicates seriousness, authority and quality, and that it inspires loyalty. But when it comes to meeting environmental targets and carbon reduction goals – many feel they have no choice but to cut back. This white paper is for them. We wanted to demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be ‘either-or’. By understanding more about modern print processes, brand owners can make informed, sustainable decisions, which allow them to continue to take advantage of the many advantages of print, while still fulfilling their environmental responsibilities.

‘The way we print has changed radically in the last 20years, and much of that change has been extremely positive from an environmental point of view. But outside the industry, this is not widely understood. Sustainability is a huge focus within Fujifilm, so our white paper looks in detail at a variety of modern printing techniques and how our own technology, particularly the Jet Press, is helping to reduce waste and boost recyclability.’

Fujifilm will formally release the White Paper during a live online event: The Really Sustainable Production Show, 24 February. Click here to register for the show or to request a copy of the white paper.


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