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Fasten introduces next generation refillable jar concept

Packaging Solutions

Fasten Packaging has introduced its next generation refillable jar concept Goodloop – named for its contribution to a circular economy. Combining innovative design, sustainability and luxury, the Goodloop refillable jar is a concept that serves as a powerful example of how beauty brands can meet sustainability goals while still strengthening brand identity.

Suitable for cream products, the Goodloop refillable jar features a transparent outer jar with a curved inner portion for a sleek appearance. The jars are fully recyclable, and are comprised of recycled polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The refillable jar affords multiple decoration areas to reinforce brand identity – for example, by combining embossing on the inner wall with printing on the outer wall. The lightweight bayonet closure eliminates the need for a liner while ensuring leak free use. Refilling is performed from the bottom with a simple twist.

‘At Fasten, we know just how important it is for brands to elevate their product’s presentation and consumer appeal, but also ensure alignment with corporate sustainability values,’ said Ilja Zutt, managing director. ‘The Goodloop refillable jar checks all the boxes and is a solid example of how our design team continues to push the envelope in developing forward thinking, eco friendly packaging innovations.’


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