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Flint Group Lo Energy heatset ink series development

Ink Solutions

In these times of unprecedented energy costs it has become clear that the heatset printing sector is now under severe pressures from many different areas. The product development team at Flint Group’s Commercial Publication Web Division (CPW) has been assessing how it can develop products to perform with a lower demand for oven assisted drying.

The availability of natural gas as a resource for drying is being questioned at this time both from an environmental position and with questions over current and future availability and costs. In order to ensure that the heatset process can continue, the company has initiated a review of its product range to provide solutions that are both cost effective and practical should the need arise to reduce or eliminate drying from the process.

The development, whilst in early stages and yet to be fully proven, will also serve to reduce the total cost of print. The Lo Energy series also helps to reduce the CO2 emissions of the heatset printing process making it a secure option for the future of print.

Following several tests across its customer base. the company is now in a position to expand the development of this product.

The Prem Eco 7000 Lo Energy Series of inks targets publications produced on improved newsprint and has shown significant reductions in drier utilisation up to 100% dependent on coverage.

This ink series is now available for testing and full supply.


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