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Lockdown fails to halt JAG Products’ expansion

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A specialist print consumables company has bucked the Covid-19 trend by establishing a new manufacturing facility despite the pandemic.

JAG Products invested more than £350,000 to create a 12,000 square foot bespoke manufacturing and distribution hub in Nottingham, allowing it to service print industry customers across the UK.

Operations manager Brian Smith explained, ‘We went into lockdown as a distributor and came out as a manufacturer.

‘During 2020, while many of competitors mothballed their operations, we built a full product development laboratory, manufacturing plant, warehouse and distribution hub at our premises on Centurion Business Park in Nottingham.

‘JAG has been operating for six years, supplying a wide range of consumables and chemicals to the print industry, but we could see some real opportunities for expansion in the market.

‘We are very fortunate to be part of CSG, one of the UK’s biggest waste management groups, and another partner brand is J&G Environmental which specialises in the collection, treatment, disposal and recycling of print waste.

‘By CSG bringing us all together, we are able to offer a complete solution for the print industry – JAG Products can supply a full range of high quality consumables and arrange the safe disposal of waste through J&G Environmental. This end to end service sets us apart from all of our competitors.

‘Our development team has created a range of products that use the least environmentally damaging materials and, because we know the exact formulation of each item, J&G Environmental are able to dispose of all waste safely and efficiently.’

JAG supplies industrial printing inks with a full colour matching service, bespoke water based coatings and emulsions, printing blankets and washes, with a product catalogue of more than 1700 items. The Nottingham facility currently employs 20 people.

CSG managing director Neil Richards added, ‘What Brian Smith and his team have achieved over the past year is nothing short of brilliant. To have worked throughout the lockdown to design and build this superb facility.

‘Brian himself has more than 20 years’ experience in the print industry, and he was clear that only the very best products would be acceptable for his customers. He brought in an equally experienced specialist team to look after all aspects of the operation.

‘Together they are really bucking the Covid-19 trend, creating employment opportunities and building a sustainable business.

‘CSG is a unique family of companies, all working together to support domestic and industrial customers with the ultimate aim of reducing the volume of waste going to landfill. By linking JAG products and J&G Environmental we are ensuring the print industry receives a full supply and disposal service.’

JAG Products has already established a significant client base in the UK and a number of overseas customers.


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