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Mondi Gronau’s flexo printing line gives customers in the hygiene industry exciting new options

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Mondi has unveiled a new flexo printing line at its plant in Gronau, Germany. The new machinery will service the hygiene industry’s growing demand for advanced printing options for films and laminates and deliver greater flexibility in feminine care pouch wrapping designs and film choices.

Mondi’s investment in the ten colour flexo press means the company is now able to supply flexo printing services alongside its existing rotogravure capabilities. Due to the latest sleeve technology, flexo printing produces high quality results in brilliant colour with a rapid output. In addition, the press is able to apply effect inks and matt additives – resulting in premium looking films with the potential to influence purchasing decisions through an elevated user experience.

The new line offers the added appeal of in line siliconisation, which eliminates the need for release paper, and in line embossing in answer to consumer preference for quieter, more discreet wrappers. Furthermore, the printing press gives customers the freedom to request complex designs thanks to precise registered printing for eye mark accuracy. This allows different prints on the front and back of wrapping films and provides the option of partial siliconisation for a more cost effective printing run.

Jürgen Schneider, managing director, personal care components at Mondi, commented: ‘The new flexo printing line enables us to better serve our customers in the hygiene industry through an altogether smarter printing process. Inline inspection systems for colour and silicone quality guarantee product reliability, while low ink consumption, minimal waste and shorter set up times make this type of printing efficient and therefore also highly suitable for customers with varying lot sizes. What is more, our installation can handle different film materials, including biodegradable or recycled content stock, which supports our customers’ sustainability goals.’

In the run up to the installation of the new flexo printing line, Mondi’s team in Gronau consulted closely with colleagues from its plant in Jackson, USA, which has offered flexographic printing services for personal care components since 2014.


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