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New educational member brings Ghent Workgroup back to its roots

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The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has its roots – as the name implies – in a series of meetings between standard organisations in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Those initial meetings took place at the premises of the Artevelde University. Over the years the group returned there a number of times to meet or hold seminars. Now, the Ghent Workgroup has announced that the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is joining the group as its latest educational member. Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is the biggest in its class in Flanders and stands for innovation and quality. It is a centre of expertise in a warm and professional setting and provides a high level educational framework. More than 15,000 students are spread over five networks – each expert in their proper field.

In the expertise network ‘Communication, Media and Design’, students can opt for a bachelor in Graphical and Digital Media. Luc Berth, pre-press and workflow lecturer at Artevelde University, said: ‘Belgium harbours a remarkable collection of important players in the graphic arts market. We are very proud to have been involved at the origin of the Ghent Workgroup and to have been able to make a contribution to the basic principles of quality control in our industry. The close interaction between education and industry remains critically important. We are pleased to now not only educate our students about the Ghent Workgroup but to be a member of it.’ David van Driessche, executive director or the Ghent Workgroup, said: ‘I was part of those initial meetings of the Ghent Workgroup; they were held right on campus at Artevelde University. From the very start we had a great working relationship. At that time educational institutions could not join the Ghent Workgroup. We added that possibility only much later. I am thrilled to see Artevelde University now joining the group and I am looking forward to working together even closer. The GWG focuses a lot of energy on outreach, so more people can use the tools we create and the knowledge we have to share. Connecting to educational institutions plays a key role in that.’


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