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Onlineprinters new look

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Onlineprinters was one of the first online print shops to sell its printed material over the internet – beginning in 2004. Since then, the product range has grown to include more than 5000 printed products that customers from all over Europe can order in several million configurations. As the offering grew, the shop developed, too, and its interface changed considerably. Undergoing a complete redesign, the online shops recently received a complete makeover. Thanks to the new template with its larger white spaces, the shop now appears more open and clearly structured.

‘We have thus created the technical requirements to enable customers to surf the shops with their smartphones and tablet computers down to the detailed product pages and through the entire checkout process,’ said Christian Würst, chief commercial officer (CCO) of Onlineprinters.

The desktop version is still highly relevant as customers can upload their artwork files to finalise their order. Before and after order, customers increasingly use their mobile devices to surf the sites. ‘Our customers want to stay informed about printed products and services or track their order after placing it. They increasingly use their mobile devices for this purpose,’ explained Christian.

From January 2021, all 22 country shops will boast the new design.


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