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Skyline and Ultimate Impostrip empower in-plant automation with integrated solution

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Ultimate TechnoGraphics and ePrint have announced their new partnership to empower in-plant printing facilities worldwide through the advanced integration of Skyline automated workflow and Ultimate Impostrip imposition software. Ultimate Impostrip eases in-plant printers into the world of optimised and automated imposition. It provides the professional features to manage an imposition workflow from a centralised standpoint to take advantage of all print equipment capabilities, with the versatility and flexibility to produce a wide range of products. Combined with its barcode technology, the solution enables complete automation from imposition to finishing, eliminating hands on operations, increasing efficiency, and driving down costs to reach greater levels of productivity and profitability day after day. ‘It is important for us to partner with industry leaders offering solutions that are easy to use, and Ultimate Impostrip definitely embodies these values,’ said Chris Camp, owner of Skyline. ‘The combination of Skyline and Ultimate Impostrip is the perfect example of a powerful, yet accessible workflow solution to drive in-plant print operations in the most efficient way.’ Skyline is a web to print software, workflow automation solution designed to simplify the print experience for professional in-plant and commercial print rooms. It helps create customisable material with online libraries of printroom templates and catalogues, with an easy, fast and accessible way to submit and price print jobs and manage production by tying into automated imposition powered by Ultimate Impostrip. ‘Skyline and Ultimate Impostrip have both strong solution for in-plant print facilities of all sizes including corporate, education or government sectors,’ said Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. ‘And our integrated solutions enables these facilities to work smarter and yield greater results.’

Ultimate TechnoGraphics and Skyline are highlighting the integration of their pre-press solutions in a live webinar next week, on Thursday, May 20. The webinar ‘Optimize Digital Printing with Skyline and Ultimate Impostrip’ is now opened for registrations. For more details or to register, please see:


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