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Solopress joins Two Sides

Print Solutions Green Solutions has joined Two Sides to promote the sustainability of print on paper.

‘Now is the right time for Solopress to become a member of Two Sides. Having recently introduced the Solopress Green range of carbon offset products, we look forward to enhancing our position on sustainability yet further and promoting the wider sustainable attributes of print media,’ said Simon Cooper, managing director at Solopress.

Simon continued, ‘At Solopress, it is our policy to manage the business in the most environmentally responsible manner. We minimise our impact on the planet and help our customers to do the same.’

The company has been committed to sustainable print throughout its 22 year history, with a proud record of responsible procurement that includes FSC certified paper stocks and plant based inks. Partnership with Two Sides will allow Solopress to communicate its message on sustainability more broadly and effectively thanks to the data, tools and resources produced by the group.

‘Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure and we look forward to working with Solopress. Our partnership will help us share the environmental merits of print and paper products and the great sustainable story it has to tell,’ said Jonathan Tame, managing director of Two Sides UK.


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