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The Solutions Awards

Perfect Bindery Solutions

Perfect Bindery Solutions (PBS) is a friendly, family business which was founded back in 2005. The company specialises in technology and equipment for print finishing, bookbinding and stationery production. Its portfolio of machinery has been selected to address many of the post press requirements for digital and litho production. Perfect Bindery Solutions’ expertise with paper and board production have led the company into the packaging sector, thus enabling it to offer equipment for the production of luxury boxes, with a new range of high tech solutions for short to medium runs. This division is branded Perfect Box Solutions. Perfect Box Solutions then led the company further into the packaging sector, specifically to parcel logistics and sorting. PBS incorporated another division called Risetec UK to specifically deal with automatic parcel sortation systems. Its solutions are designed to improve productivity, quality and efficiency. The machinery is specifically for materials such as paper and board, ensuring a sustainable and eco friendly approach. With everything you need for professional book production to the production of luxury boxes and more, PBS specialises in high quality machines and solutions from a range of well known manufacturers, backed by extensive experience and knowledgeable technicians and support staff.


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