New Fujifilm food safe ink gives the Jet Press 720S primary food packaging capability

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Fujifilm Europe has announced the availability of a new food safe ink which significantly extends the application versatility of the Jet Press 720S for packaging production by enabling it to print on primary food packaging.

The market is seeing a growing increase in the number of packaging brand owners and specifiers who are looking to achieve greater shelf stand out and to differentiate their products from their competitors. At the same time they are also looking to reduce stockholdings, optimise supply chains and find digital press solutions that will allow them to more profitably print offset quality, customised packaging in much shorter and more frequent runs.

Delivering exceptionally consistent, high quality output ready for finishing on carton board or synthetic media up to 600 microns thick, the Jet Press 720S folding carton solution already satisfies these requirements, with around one third of all European customers already producing some form of packaging on the press.

However, the new food safe ink forms a key additional component of the Jet Press folding carton solution, making it the first B2 digital press approved for primary food packaging. This makes it ideal to meet the growing requirement for a reliable digital solution to produce high quality folding cartons for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics/household/personal care markets.

The new, low migration, aqueous food safe ink complies with stringent primary food contact regulations, including Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21 and European Commission Regulation 1935/2004, and has been specially formulated to work with in line (via a bridge) and near line UV or aqueous coating.

For companies looking to diversify into packaging, the Jet Press folding carton solution can also incorporate Phoenix imposition and planning software from Tilia Labs. This software optimises the way jobs are collated, or ‘ganged’, for printing based on minimising waste or maximising printing speed. This ganging function supports true shape nesting and automatically provides users with different options to arrange jobs.

Taro Aoki, head of Digital Press Solutions in EMEA for Fujifilm, commented: ‘The introduction of a new food safe ink further demonstrates Fujifilm's commitment to developing the Jet Press platform and to bringing new solutions to market in response to customer feedback. With the on-going trend towards more creative, personalised and shorter run packaging, forward thinking converters are increasingly looking for digital printing technologies that offer the reliability and print quality their existing systems have delivered, but with the ability to profitably print short runs. The Jet Press 720S has already proved itself to be a high performance and highly versatile press for both commercial and folding carton applications. The introduction of our new, food safe ink, together with options for in line and near line coating and specialist pre-press software, takes that versatility to a new level and will appeal to many folding carton converters.’

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