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bakergoodchild is offering a powerful tool to help build your customer base using ‘Partially Address

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bakergoodchild is to utilise Royal Mail’s new, heavily discounted, service – Partially Addressed Mail. This innovative direct mail strategy will allow advertisers to find new customers without the need for personal data collection. The concept is simple – instead of addressing an item to an individual, the mail will in fact be addressed by using demographic postcode data, to target likely households that fit the necessary criteria.

By addressing mailing items in this way, bakergoodchild is able to assist its customers with acquisition and can also provide improved efficiency by taking out existing customers and postcodes that do not fit the criteria. This means huge savings on postage, data and any material used to send the campaign.

Adam Stafford, sales director at bakergoodchild, commented: ‘It is straightforward and easy to use. We simply take a look at your existing customers, where they live, and work out where similar prospects might live. We then take out your customers and only write to new prospects. The postage is heavily discounted, and the address data is much cheaper than consumer data meaning it costs a fraction of a traditional acquisition and offers a great return on investment.’

Using this specialist targeting method, bakergoodchild can aid in promoting a product or service to new potential customers, without infringing GDPR. Beyond this, benefits include lower postage and data costs, estimated 30% more reach and the knowledge that 86% of partially addressed mail will be engaged with.

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