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A matter of life and death…

Wide Format Solutions

Leading wide format specialist MacroArt has developed a fresh new visitor experience for Colchester Castle’s ‘Decoding the Dead’ exhibition to help bring 2000 year old stories back to life.

The exhibition is sited in the iconic Charles Grey Room, part of this scheduled monument and Grade I listed building, which presented a number of technical and creative challenges for the MacroArt team and clients, RFA Design and Matt Langstaff.

The historically important nature of the room meant that no wall fixings were permitted, so the entire framework had to be freestanding. In addition, the client had requested that it be easy to erect, take down and reuse for future exhibitions, as well as demonstrating strong environmental credentials.

Having devised a suitable freestanding grey background ‘wall’ for the specific graphics in collaboration with Aluvista, a bespoke system of rails, brackets and hanging kits was created to ensure that they could be displayed effectively without compromising the reusable backdrop. This allowed all the exhibition graphics to be mounted effectively, whilst keeping the overall framework pristine and ready for future reuse.

In all, a two day installation saw almost 100 m2 of panels and graphics fitted to help inform and guide visitors through the exhibition, including self-adhesive vinyl prints, label captions for the showcases, TFS entrance banners, and prints.

Andrew Galvin, director of RFA Design, was delighted with the ‘full service’ nature of MacroArt’s contribution. He said, ‘As our preferred graphics’ contractor, MacroArt played a significant role in the delivery of all parts of this project – not only in terms of graphic production but also in designing and supplying the tailor made aluminium framework around which the new exhibition was developed. They also excelled at providing a complete installation service for all elements. We are extremely happy with yet another on time, on budget and impeccable result. Feedback from the client team and museum visitors has also been nothing but positive.’

MacroArt sales director Matt Guise said, ‘It was rewarding to be able to showcase our ‘full service’ capabilities on this project, demonstrating once again the passion, vision, creativity and expertise that goes into ‘The Art of MacroArt’. We welcomed the opportunity to work so closely with RFA Design, to deliver an elegant, effective answer to the client’s brief.’


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