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C&T Matrix adds Anvil Covers to its range

Packaging Solutions

C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) is well known for its comprehensive global range of converting accessories. It has recently strengthened is portfolio with the addition of Astin Anvil Covers for rotary die cutters, offering customers the best cutting quality.

The Anvil Cover is designed to be used as a cutting surface in the rotary die cutting process. The cover fits onto a cylinder, acting as the cutting surface. C&T offer Anvil Covers in various diameters and widths, depending on the machine type. Astin Anvil Covers are produced using an internal fiberglass net which maintains dimensional accuracy.

Typically, the brand and model of the rotary die cutter, as well as the original part number, will be sufficient information to determine the Anvil Cover required. In the event that this information is not enough, C&T’s expertise can help customers to determine the requirements using information about the diameter of the cylinder on which the anvil covers are to be installed, and the dimensions of the slot on the cylinder (width and depth).

Simon Shenton C&T Matrix managing director, said: ‘The Anvil Covers are supplied by Astin, a family owned business based in Northern Italy, who have been serving the corrugated cardboard industry for 40 years. C&T is pleased to be exclusive stockists of Astin’s Covers, adding to our extensive range of converting accessories, and offering our customers the best cutting quality.’


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