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Hybrid Software celebrates name change with the Euronext bell ceremony

Print Solutions

Hybrid Software Group has celebrated its change of name and corporate identity by ringing the bell to open trading at the Euronext Stock Exchange in Brussels.

The company changed its name from Global Graphics following shareholder approval on 13 October 2021. The new name underlines the group’s position as a software company providing innovative technology for industrial print manufacturing processes at a time when industry is accelerating towards mass customisation, smart factories, and Industry 4.0. The group’s solutions are hybrid because they meet the needs of analogue and digital production processes and because they integrate both software and printhead drive electronics.

Speaking at the ceremony chairman Guido Van der Schueren said, ‘For many years, the success of Hybrid Software has been built on a simple formula: our future depends on advanced automation as embodied by Industry 4.0, multiplied by extreme customer care. We partner with our customers for the long term and act upon their input. I believe these concepts equally apply to the broader Hybrid Software Group and look forward to continuing to expanding our support for all areas of industrial print manufacturing.’

CEO Mike Rottenborn added, ‘Our customers have long viewed Global Graphics as a collection of great companies: Global Graphics Software, Hybrid Software, Meteor Inkjet, and Xitron. But as an integrated group, we offer technology and products that go beyond what is available from any individual company. It is important that we communicate the proper brand message at the group level to our customers and investors. Rebranding as Hybrid Software Group brings this group strategy into focus and lays the foundations for continued growth of the company.’

Earlier this year the four companies launched their first joint product, the SmartDFE (digital front end) that is designed to be the heart of a fully automated manufacturing system for labels and packaging, one of the group’s strategic growth targets.


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