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PrintFactory announces association with Durst

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PrintFactory has announced a key partnership with Durst, which will now be using the PrintFactory API to provide customers in mixed print environments with superior workflow software.

Durst has a reputation for being a technology leader in digital large format printing. Quality and reliability are its cornerstones. With the ‘Pixel to Output’ strategy, the company expanded its offer with software solutions for printers to deliver complete solutions from ‘Pixel to Output’.

PrintFactory’s colour management technology and high speed, XML centric RIP will be pivotal in ensuring an even wider audience can take advantage of those Durst characteristics.

The RIP based software connects multi-manufacturer environments seamlessly. The suite of workflow software supports over 2000 printers and cutters, and delivers an editor, calibrator, and premium layout tool alongside the API integrated RIP.

Erik Strik, CEO of Aurelon (the team behind PrintFactory), said: ‘This is a great partnership for us as it confirms our focus on colour quality is the right direction. With PrintFactory’s Visu colour engine as a part of the workflow, Durst operators can be confident of not only reducing the time spent achieving colour consistency, but also in reducing ink and media costs.’

Michael Deflorian, business development manager Durst Professional Services, said: ‘We have been looking for workflow based software that has a robust, scalable API and allows Durst Workflow users to drive printers of other manufacturers with the same software. It is not just about having a smooth workflow, it is about finding affordable software and hardware that can support a growing business. Our customers choose Durst for the long term. Software that we recommend has to deliver on a promise of quality and reliability, and PrintFactory meets that criteria.’

The partnership between the two companies delivers a tight integration between the workflow products. This means more customers can choose Durst printers to work alongside their existing devices – there is no need to manage print jobs via different systems. The Durst software ECO system digitises the e-commerce, pre-press and print process. All products offer a browser based interface for maximum flexibility and an interface to share data with other software solutions.

In general, PrintFactory software is delivered via a network of distributors, worldwide: it delivers on increased productivity, guarantees lower ink costs with no detriment to print quality, improves margins thanks to reduced waste media, and ensures consistent colour, time after time. The company’s partnerships with device manufacturers bodes well for not only standard markets, but also for industrial scale operations.


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